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Spider-Man and Nova had a match of who destroys ten machines the fastest, while Iron Fist, Power Man, and White Tiger watched. Iron Fist went along to capture Doctor Doom and prevailed. When they returned to the Helicarrier, Doom was revealed to be a Doombot, who held 5 other mini-robots. The main Doombot attacked the nuclear reactor of the Helicarrier, while Iron Fist helped take care of one Aquael (Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man FanFic) The Ultimate Spiderman (Reader Insert) ImBatgirl123 Action Fanfiction Science Fiction September 23, 2018 . You are (Name) Stark, daughter of the playboy billion-air Tony Stark, AKA Iron-Man. You go under the name Blue Spider (Very creative, I know). You and Spidey are partners, while (Name) and Peter are best buds. You both agreed that because

Mary Jane Watson (of Earth-18119), later as her superhero name, Spinneret is the wife of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and the mother of Spiderling (Annie Parker). Mary Jane Watson-Parker appears to have a similar history to her mainstream counterpart; she and Peter Parker married and togetherthey had a daughter named Annie.

(Shows: Generator Rex, Max Steel, Ben 10 Omniverse, and Ultimate Spider man) Characters in this: Rex Salazar, Peter Parker, Max McGrath and Ben Tennyson. Add to library 86 Discussion 19 Browse more Fanfiction Romance No Trust? No Understanding? Not Friends ... - … A/N: Done mostly for myself and the aggravation at seeing a scant number of fics in the Ultimate Spider-Man section.Set right after the end of episode 12: Me Time. Inspired slightly by something I read on a TV Tropes page. Disclaimer: Rights to the Ultimate Spider-Man and all of its wonderful characters are exclusively for Marvel/Disney/people who are not me. Peter Parker Acts Like a Spider - Works | Archive of … Yes, Peter Parker aka your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, the local menace, is homeless. He tries his best to find enough food to not collapse, because without the possibility to go to college (because he has already finished school early so he isn’t actually a dropout) he has more time to be Spider-Man, but that also requires energy.

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Awakening (ultimate spiderman fanfic) - i'm Back … Awakening (ultimate spiderman fanfic) Fanfiction. At first was I'm back but thw new name is awakening srry for the inconvenience Dont read if under the age of 18 sex scenes and foul language. Spider man is fed up with the team living with him and spiderman went on a night tine patrol. He soon find #spiderman. i'm Back (ultimate spiderman fanfic) 10.4K 102 78. by bloody_rose_wolf. by bloody Spider-Man (Ultimateverse) - Works | Archive of Our … Fandoms: Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man - All Media Types, It turns out powers weren’t all they were cut out to be, Victoria Adams had learned that at a young age. Now that she has grown, her powers began to destroy every aspect of her life. It was her decision on whether to let that be, or try to use them to become something she never wished to be, a superhero. Either sounded terrible Spider-Man | Ultimate Spider-Man Wiki | Fandom Although guilt-ridden for his failure to prevent his uncle's tragic death, Peter is motivated to use his powers to fight crime to honor his uncle's teachings, becoming the vigilante known as "Spider-Man". One year later, Peter is recruited by Nick Fury to join S.H.I.E.L.D. to educate him on how to become a better superhero and the "ultimate

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Fanfictions Spider-Man Fanfictions; B.D. & Comics; Spider-Man; Spider-Man Stan Lee / Steve Ditko. Mordu par une araignée radioactive, le jeune lycéen timide Peter Parker obtient des pouvoirs extraordinaires, d'une force surhumaine à la capacité de grimper aux murs, en passant par une agilité impressionnante. Il décide d'abord d'utiliser ces capacités pour son gain personnel ; mais un jour, son oncle est Spider-Man Identity Reveal - Works | Archive of Our … Spider-Man Identity Reveal; Hurt Peter Parker; Peter Parker Needs a Hug; Summary. After Spider-man is revealed to be Peter Parker, SHIELD presents the world a new, different Peter Parker and chalks the reveal up to mistaken identity. In order to protect those he loves, Peter is forced to hang up the suit and let someone else be Spider-man for a Harry Osborn | Ultimate Spider-Man Wiki | Fandom Harold "Harry" Osborn is the son of Norman Osborn.He is best friends with Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.Harry is initially unaware his father's nefarious dealings with Doctor Octopus and Peter's identity as Spider-Man. Norman's and Peter's respective secrets put a strain on their relationship with Harry, and Harry unwittingly becomes entangled in various dangerous situations resulting from Spiderman Peter gets his powers - YouTube

Peter Parker (Earth-91110) | Marvel Database | … As Spider-Man became Captain Universe again, he used the Absorbascann to release the power of the Enigma Force from his body over the entire world. The cost was his spider-powers as well as the Uni-Power, leaving Peter Parker a normal man. Or so it seemed until he and Mary Jane gave birth to a baby daughter with signs of the Uni-Power within her. Mary Jane Watson (Earth-1610) | Marvel Database | … Dating Spider-Man. Mary Jane had engaged in a brief romance with Harry Osborn before she began dating Peter Parker. She became the second person to learn of Peter's secret identity as Spider-Man and the first Peter revealed it to. She sewed Peter's spare costumes, once calling herself the Betsy Ross of superheroes. Although Peter and MJ loved Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616) | Spider-Man Wiki | … Wanda Maximoff (of Earth-616), also known as the Scarlet Witch, is the sister of her brother, Quicksilver. She is also a former member of the Avengers, and a current member of the Avengers Unity Division also know as the Uncanny Avengers. Contents[show] History TBA Powers & Abilities Chaos Magic: Wanda can destroy things with the wave of a hand. Probability Manipulation: Wanda can "borrow

Spiderman and The Avengers Fanfic - Spider-man - … Read Spider-man from the story Spiderman and The Avengers Fanfic by StarkStevePeter with 8,493 reads. ironman, tonystark, steverogers. "Soo Peter, how did you Ultimate Spider-Man Communities | FanFiction Communities » Cartoons » Ultimate Spider-Man Communities 19 The Kingdom of K'un We are always looking for more Peter/Ava Fanfiction and staff so please join up up or contribute. English - Staff: 4 - Followers: 0 - Since: 07-22-13 - Founder: Slayzer . 9 The Nova Corps. for all those Sam lovers out there. There isn't a community for him which is disgraceful. English - Staff: 2 - Followers Spider-Man (Peter Parker) In Comics Powers, …

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Ultimate Spider-Man: The Traitor Revealed - YouTube 12/06/2016 · SPOILERS! In this scene from the June 12th episode, Spider-Man is betrayed by someone close to him. -----­---- Follow IGN for more! ️Fire Power (the Ultimate Spiderman/X men … ️Fire Power (the Ultimate Spiderman/X men fanfic): book 1 Fanfiction. A girl with the fire power to take down the entire world with one major meltdown. She isn't trained, but Nick Fury knows the truth of what she can do, and tries to train her. When her emotions get the … Marvel's Spider-Man - With Great Power Comes … 10/02/2018 · Yup You're Right Gwen. With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblity To Make Videos.